You Should Watch ‘Workin’ Moms’ on Netflix

Workin’ Moms (Netflix)

Workin’ Moms, a Canadian comedy which originally aired on CBC Television now has three full seasons on Netflix, and it is most definitely worth the watch.

The good news is you don’t have to be a mom or even “working” to thoroughly enjoy this show. The even better news is that it is hilarious and entertaining in a way that will make you finally have a show to replace “The Office.” So if you need a good laugh after a long day fighting the war that is capitalism, look no further.

I started watching this show a few months ago after the preview popped up while I was Netflix surfing. At first, I was a little thrown off by the title. Admittedly I thought this would be a show about trials and tribulations of White moms in suburbia and the writers would throw in a few one-liners that fit the usual description of what suburban mom life is like, i.e., the characters not so subtle battle with alcoholism love of wine.

There would be some family drama here and there, and of course, the husbands would be charmingly stupid and utterly useless in all aspects of life that do not include fixing the drain. I’d had this show figured out before I’d even gotten pass act 1, scene 1.

Against my better judgment, I decided to give it a watch. To my pleasant surprise, my assumptions could not have been more wrong.

The most refreshing thing about the moms is how utterly funny they are. This show is raunchy and sometimes vulgar but never vulgar for the sake of vulgarity. The writers show what it means to be a woman who has a thriving career and a family, and they highlight the fact that it is literally impossible to the perfect wife, perfect parent, and own your career. And that is okay.

Season one and two give us glimpses into the moms’ lives and explore parenthood, postpartum depression, abortion, and infidelity. This all sounds super dark, right? That’s the thing. The writers touch on all of these themes yet manage to keep you laughing all the way through it. Is life not just one long Tragicomedy? This show is as smart as it is funny. And I love it for that.

That said, some of the plotlines fall a little flat. There’s one character who doesn’t want to be a mom at all. The show seems to struggle with what to do with this plotline. They ultimately all but writes the character out of the show by the second season. But while it misses a few notes, ultimately I’ve enjoyed watching thus far.

If you like shows like Schitts Creek or Grace and Frankie, then you will probably like Workin’ Moms.

Happy binging!