A Girl Has No Name

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3.

Wow Wow Wow Wow.

This episode was the epic battle, and aside from the fact that I had to light a match to see what the heck was going on, it did not disappoint.

By the end of the last episode we knew that the night king and his army of the dead had arrived at Winterfell. We also knew that come morning, many of our beloved characters would be dead. What we did not know was who would be the one to take down the night king. We learned by the end of the episode that her name is Stark.

This was a long and hard battle. By the middle of it I was honestly questioning if anyone would survive it and by the time the night king raised his arms to arise more dead for his army, I was pretty sure the remaining episodes of the season would just feature Cersei and her pirate lover. There was no way anyone was surviving this.

Oh but the red witch. Someone who we should not have counted out, shows up in a huge way. If we’re being honest the women of GoT are always the ones serving justice and it is magnificent to see.

When Melisandre showed up in this episode I knew that she would play a major part in victory. After all, she has magic on her side. When she told Arya she would close eyes that are brown, green…and blue. That was the clue to tell us Arya Stark would be the chosen one. Marvelous.

A fan theory before this episode airing was that Dany would somehow let Jon die if she had the choice of whether to save him or not during the battle. Surprise, surprise she did not let him die. Interested to see what the conversation between these two will be now that the army of the dead is out of the way. After such a huge victory over the night king and white walkers surely they can quickly take the iron throne from Cersei, right?

Favorite moments

Sansa and Tyrion in the crypt. He really was the best husband she had. *tear drop*

“Stick them with the pointy end”

Arya killing one of the whites before it gets to The Hound.

The Hound snapping out of his paralyzing fear when he realizes Arya needs his help.

Bran telling Theon that he’s a good man.

A candle for the fallen

of course we lost some characters but they all went out valiantly. Among them are Edd, Lyanna Mormont, Jora Mormont, Beric, Theon Greyjoy, and Melisandre.

Remaining Questions

Where in the world is Ghost?