“Endgame” Catapults Marvel Studios to G.O.A.T Status

Avengers: Endgame (2019)


Now that that’s out of the way…

Wow. We’ve finally made it to this point. What a movie. What a cinematic experience. I’m honestly so glad that I was alive to witness this. Going into it, I wasn’t sure who was going to die but my bets were on both Iron Man and Captain America and perhaps a few other minor characters. When we learned that future Tony Stark has a daughter and is one of the only people to make it out of the great snap with not only the love of his life still alive, but gained a loved one as well, I knew he would be dying by the end of the film. Why? Because writers love to kill off a character as soon as the character has more to live for. You started a family? Now you die. Dems the rules!

The movie picks up where Infinity war left off, 20 plus days after Thanos turns half of the universe to dust. Captain Marvel returns Tony Stark to earth and with the help of Nebula, flies the gang to the retirement garden that Thanos made for himself and promptly removes his head from his body. I loved that within the first 10 minutes of the film we have Thanos head. It was great because of course everyone wanted Thanos dead after what he did, but it was very much “Now what…” after they killed him which got me excited to see where this story was going to go.

And so we arrive 5 years later. Our favorite heroes are all damaged beyond repair. Black Widow (RIP) cries herself to sleep every night, Thor is a drunken shell of his former self, Hawkeye has gone full Ronin (which was very very strange and probably my least favorite part of the movie), and Captain America is in a support group.

The unsung hero of this movie is the rat that helped Ant-man escape the quantum realm. We learn that time works a bit differently down there, Scott has been there for 5 years but to him it only felt like 5 minutes. He brings back with him the idea that saves the universe (and what most people suspected would happen to bring back the 50%)…Time travel.

The time travel portion of the film was nothing short of amazing. Captain America fighting himself? He can do this ALL DAY!

Mark Ruffalo did some A+ voice acting. Bruce Hulk was awesome. So calm…So zen. I actually liked the direction they’ve gone with the Hulk in the past couple of films with giving him a personality.

When it came to the final battle, I just about lost it when Captain America picked up Thor’s hammer. He swung that hammer with the power of 1,000 Captain America’s and it was absolutely thrilling. When I first saw the hammer being moved I suspected that Captain Marvel was making her return but I was just as happy with the other Captain being in control.

And then when it happened…the thing that we had all been waiting for. My heart exploded in fire works that would rival the 4th of July. This battle scene will go down in history as one of my favorites scenes from any movie of all time. It just will. Everyone coming through the portals to give Thanos and his army hell was pure perfection.

Honestly, this movie was a great sendoff to the character’s that we’ve been with for over 10 years. Tony reminded us one last time that he is Iron Man, Steve finally got his date (and lifetime) with Peggy and most importantly got to retire, and Thor joined the Guardians!

Favorite Small moments

Thor’s transformation into the Big Leboski.

The Hulk being told to take the stairs.

Cap’s “Heil Hydra” in the elevator.

Return of Dr. Strange

“On your left”.


Spider-man and Tony’s reunion.

Spider-man and Ned’s reunion.


The ladies getting in formation on the battlefield.

Endgame really was everything I wanted and more and a total fan’s dream. #WhateverItTakes