Shazam! Not to be confused with the 1996 comedy starring the one and only Shaquille O’Neal, is a DC movie based on the comics of the same name.

The story takes us on a journey of a young boy named Billy who got lost at a carnival when he was a toddler. Billy spends his youth bouncing from foster home to foster home all the while looking for his birth mother who he has not seen since that fateful day at the carnival…

Cue the Dawson cry face.

Rewind a few decades, a son is bullied by his super mean daddy and thus, discount lex luther a villain is created. Said daddy also survives a car crash that he definitely should not have.

Fast forward back to present day and our boy Billy has not only been fostered by the most loving family anyone could ever find, but he is also THE CHOSEN ONE. He goes to the shadowy place, says the word “Shazam!” and our 15 year old hero is born!

Overall, I’d say this was one of DC’s best films in the last 10 years. The “lightness” of it all was something we haven’t seen DC do in a very long time. It was actually fun to watch and didn’t at any point have the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. None of the heroes had a strangely deep or raspy voice, the comedic parts made me laugh out loud, and since I haven’t read the comics, our surprise additional heroes at the end was delightful!

Favorite moments

When Doctor Sivana shows up to his father’s meeting at the company and wreaks havoc, including having the sins bite heads off and toss their bodies out of the window.

Billy realizing he can fly.

Billy finally accepting his foster family as his real family.

Doc Sivana delivering his manifesto that can’t be heard from Billy 10 yards away.

Doc not realizing Billy can’t hear him and continuing to deliver said speech.

FINALLY, Billy’s family getting their super powers. SHAZAM!

Final question…

Is Shazam! a Christmas movie?