Spider-Man: Far From Home

Or as I like to call it, Spider-man: close to a world where Disney owns 85% of the movies at the box office.

This post contains “Avengers: Endgame” spoilers sorta kinda. Proceed at your own risk.

The trailer for “Far From Home” came out this week and I have to say… Even though this movie officially closes out phase 3 of the MCU, It was difficult for me to muster any kind of real excitement.

I think the reason for this is two fold. One is I, like most fans, am still absolutely reeling from “Endgame”. I think about Captain America twisting that hammer like a helicopter at least once a day.

The second reason is that, to me, the trailer was reminiscent of a Michael Bay production. The one where there’s an explosion at every corner to distract you from the fact that the plot has deeper holes than the Grand Canyon.

Now obviously, I don’t know that the movie will be Michael Bay levels of ridiculous and I’d say so far Marvel Studios has done a pretty job with the MCU version of Spider-man, but I’m going in with medium low to low expectations.

A third possibility (I know I said two but bear with me) for my lack of excitement could be that maybe I’m just…tired of Spider-man? Marvel has probably hundreds of characters who have interesting stories that could be brought to the big screen but instead we’ve gotten Spider-man, Spider-man the reboot, and Spider-man the rebootiest reboot. I’m Spidey tired.

On the flip side the end of “Endgame” did leave me curious where they would take the newly grieving Peter Parker next. I’m also enticed by the mystery of Mysterio. In the trailer he’s a hero who maybe teams up with Spider-man but I don’t know, something about the character is looking a little shady. Side note, didn’t Jake Gyllenhaal play this very same character in a different Disney movie a few years ago? Something to do with sand?

Aside from the introduction to a new villain-hero, we also get more of Nick Fury which is honestly something you will never hear me complain about.

And did someone say multiverse?