“Game of Thrones” Season 8, Episode 4

The final countdown.

Beware, this post contains spoilers. Turn back now if you care.

Moving on.

The war for the living is over and the battle for the iron throne has returned full force.

This episode opens with us saying goodbye to some of our favorite characters that we lost during the battle of Winterfell. Sansa lays Theon to rest (with the Stark crest pin reserved for hands of nobility) and Daenerys kisses Jorah Mormont farewell. The wide shot of the funeral shows just how many bodies they have to burn after the straight up carnage the night king delivered. The smoke was so high and thick I wondered how anyone in Winterfell could even breathe, seems that fire would be seen from miles away.

That night, the people of Winterfell celebrate their victory with lots of sex and even more alcohol festivities! The dragon Queen calls Gendry to the stage and declares him Lord Gendry Baratheon. We know that Dany really only did this to show off her power as Queen, but it was nice seeing Gendry get this boost in status.

Like a lot of people, I was hoping to finally get the Stark/Barathon wedding (looks like Gendry was pulling for this too) but when Gendry asks Arya to be his lady she politely declines saying “that’s not who I am”.

And now that “ship” has ended.

One the battlefront, Queen Dany wants to march south to kings landing as soon as yesterday. Sansa warns her against this because most (all) of the troops are tired at best or pretty badly wounded at worst. Dany demands they ride south anyhow.

This works out to be…not the greatest of ideas.

Before leaving Winterfell, Jon and Dany have one last moment where Dany hopes Jon will promise to tell nobody else of his true heritage and they can both go back to loving up on each other as they’ve done before. As Varys reminds us later in the episode, while incest is normal to Targaryens it is definitely frowned upon in the north. Jon is clearly uncomfortable hooking up with his auntie now that he knows she’s his auntie.

The flame for King Aegon Targaryen is lit when Jon decides to tell Sansa and Arya (with the permission of Bran) about who his parents really are. Although they promise not to tell, Sansa just CAN’T hold it in as Tyrion is ranting and raving about their lovely Targaryen Queen. Very messy of you Sansa.

Of course the telephone chain doesn’t end there. Tyrion shares the information with Varys who seems to be very much #TeamAegon and Tyrion tries his very best not to voice what seems to be very obvious to anyone who hears this news. Jon would be a much better ruler of the seven kingdoms.

Riding south so soon proves to be a VERY bad idea (Maybe Sansa really is the wisest Stark?). Euron’s fleet is waiting for them with a huge dragon killer. He takes down one of Dany’s last two dragon children (RIP Rhaegal) with disturbing ease. His army attacks Dany’s crew and destroys some of her ships, which is really really bad because the army of the dead left her with a fraction of what she had to begin with.

I was heart broken to see Missandei not with the rest of the crew when they washed up ashore. I think we all knew that when Cersei got her hands on her she was a dead girl walking (and just as her and Grey worm were planning their trip to Jamaica) I really hated to see it.

Don’t know why Tyrion thought he could reason with his sister, but it was very interesting that he mentioned the baby in front of Cersei’s crew when Euron only just found out about his impending “dad” status. Wonder if Euron would be curious as to how Tryion know’s that piece of information.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise Queen Cersei can’t be reasoned with. She orders Missandei to be executed in front of Dany, Grey worm (teardrop), Tyrion and some of the unsullied, but not before allowing her a last word. Missandei stares fiercely into the crowd and gives her final words.

Burn this all to ash Dracarys.

Favorite Moments

The Hound and Sansa finally having their reunion.

Our goodbyes to the Wildlings, Sam, and sweet baby Ghost.

Brienne x Jaime

The return of Arya and The Hound


Jaime is not going back to Kings Landing for the love of Cersei. He’s going to kill her.