Fall TV is Here

Like a lot of people, fall is my favorite season — the crisp and refreshing air, the beautiful colors of the leaves, the holidays. It’s all so charming. But aside from #sweaterweather one of the things that excite me the most about fall is fall tv. My favorite network sitcoms and dramas are back from their summer vacation, and I’m ready to welcome them with open arms.

These days there’s so much content between network television and streaming services, I can barely keep up with all the good stuff. I’m sure I’ll be watching a boatload of other things, but these shows are on my must-watch list.

Here are five shows I’m looking forward to picking back up.

The Good Place, NBC (sitcom) Airs September 26, 2019

The Good Place (NBC)

Back for it’s 4th and final season, I’m going to miss watching the crew fight to save each other’s souls (and Chidi’s surprisingly jacked body).

Superstore, NBC (sitcom) Airs September 26, 2019

Superstore (NBC)

The end of season 4 left me a wreck. The finale took a break from light-hearted comedy to present the somber reality for many people in the United States. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Superstore gang has been up to since losing one of their own.

This is Us, NBC (drama) Airs September 24, 2019

This is Us (NBC)

Honestly, I barely remember the end of season 3 of This is Us (though I’m sure I shed at least one tear), but I’m excited for what season 4 has to offer. There’s never a dull moment for the Pearsons.

Black-ish, ABC (sitcom) Airs September 24, 2019

Black-ish (ABC)

Not one to miss anything Tracee Ellis Ross is involved in, I will be front and center for the premiere of season 6.

Riverdale, CW (drama) Airs October 9, 2019

Riverdale (CW)

My absolute favorite guilty pleasure. Riverdale is a sexy portrayal of the Archie Comics and is ridiculous at a level only the CW could pull off. Bonus is if you watch this show, you’ll get to learn all about “jingle jangle” and “southside serpents.” Can’t wait to tune in to season 4.