“Game of Thrones” Season 8, Episode 5 Recap: Boom, Roasted.

Is Daenerys the “Mad” Queen or just plain angry?

This episode is supposed to be the one that establishes Dany as the “Mad Queen”. 5 minutes in, we know that Daenerys has put herself in seclusion following the deaths of her dragon Rhaegal and best friend, Missandei. She’s reached her breaking point.

What has become painfully obvious from the last two seasons, is that the writers know exactly how they want to end the show and what plot points absolutely need to be hit. With this, they’ve made characters do things that are out of character for them but necessary for the plot.

An example of this is in the beginning of this episode, Varys tells Jon Snow as soon as he arrives that he not only knows that Jon Snow is the true heir to the iron throne – but that he supports his claim. Very strange for the Master of Whispers to be speaking so loudly about committing treason. He’s spent the entire 7 seasons working in the shadows.

Next we have Tyrion. I can’t say if Tyrion has been behaving out of character because he’s been making awful decisions for several episodes now and continues to do so. I will say that it was pretty messed up that he spilled the tea to Varys and then snitched on Varys to Dany. Very disappointed in you Tyrion. Very disappointed. Varys’ blood (ash?) is on your hands.

After Dany executes Varys for treason, she tells Jon (when he rejects her aunty lovin’) that the people of Westeros don’t love her that way that they love him. If she can’t get the love of the people, then she will rule over them as they fear her.

So we all know that Dany is about to dracarys all over Kings Landing, but not before she lets us and Tyrion know that Jaime has been captured for the 29th time of the series! The final scene between the two brothers was actually very touching and one of the great scenes of the episode. It was no shock that he helps with brother escape to Kings Landing, even though his plan had a .0008% chance of working and they both knew it.

The next morning we finally get to the main event.

The cinematography of all of the carnage was just…*chef’s kiss*. Dany and her dragon are not caught of guard this time and are more than prepared to roast everything in sight. First being the iron fleet. Not so smug now Euron, are you?

After destroying all of the ships in Blackwater Bay, Dany and Drogon (D&D 4eva) rain fire on the Golden Company guarding Kings Landing, from behind. Cersei’s entire defense is defeated, just like that.

Among the people running from fire and falling dubris, are our favorite duo, Arya and The Hound. Both have rode down to the capital to take care of unfinished business. Once it’s obvious that they both won’t make it to the castle. The Hound tells Arya to stay behind and in their final goodbye, she thanks him.

Back at the shores of Blackwater Bay, Euron is unfortunately still alive and surprise, surprise Jaime Lannister just so happens to be at the exact same location as he is. They fight, Jaime gets stabbed up but ultimately delivers the final stab to Euron and Euron dies blissfully believing he’s killed Jaime Lannister. Great.

Meanwhile D&D continue to set Kings Landing ablaze and things are looking absolutely grim. Qyburn warns Cersei that they should probably start planning their escape but Cersei won’t hear it. According to her, the Lannister army will fight to the last man to defend their Queen.

Jaime somehow manages to get to the city center and immediately heads to the bell to ring in surrender.

It’s too late.

Dany is not ready to end the carnage and instead of retreating as she told Tyrion she would do, she instructs Drogon to continue cooking the innocent people of Kings Landing. This is where she gets the title “Mad Queen”, but is she all that mad? How Daenerys’ character has been treated in these final episodes has major parallels to how society treats women as a whole.

Dany has plenty reason to want to burn Kings Landing to the ground. Her child was killed and torn from the sky at the hands of Cersei. Her best friend was beheaded in front of her at Cersei’s command. In Missandei’s final moments she actually told Dany to burn the joint down. But it’s much easier to say Dany is just so crazy.

Every day woman are pushed and pushed and pushed and then when they react in a way that people don’t like, they’re “crazy”. Dany gave her army to Jon Snow and the North to help fight the white walkers and lost half of them (among them her longest and truest protector, Jorah) only to ultimately be betrayed by Jon. She’s been given poor advice by Tyrion who now it seems had just been protecting his sister this entire time. Her merciful nature has left her broken and alone and she’s fed up. Even if Dany ended the fire assault when the bells rang the towns people have already witness what she’s capable of. The damage was done.

During the D&D barbeque, Jaime and Cersei find each other at their escape location but the exit is blocked from the wreckage. Cersei spends her final moments begging not to die until Jaime manages to calm her while they are crushed in each other’s embrace.

Outside, Arya is dodging fire and trying to help people but between the constant fire and falling wreckage nobody can be saved. After being knocked unconscious for the fifteenth time, She wakes up to a horse slowly approaching. The episode ends with a very bloody and bruised Arya stark riding off on the white horse.

I think we know who she’s killing next.

Favorite moments

Drogon swooping in from behind and roasting Cersei’s army.

Grey Worm ignoring Jon’s call for retreat and killing some town folk #JusticeForMissandei.

The Clegane Bowl. Very happy that if The Hound had to die, he got to take out his zombie brother with him.

Cersei tip-toeing around the Clegane’s so as not to disturb their drama.

Final Episode Predictions

Hotpie returns!